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Thiacloprid: 50g/kg Isoprocarb: 400g/kg

Attributes Components
pack 45gr
Pack 270g


Thiacloprid: 100g/kg

Isoprocarb: 400g/kg


Thiacloprid is the latest active ingredient of the neonicotinoids group.

Thiacloprid is an antagonist to nicotinic acetyl choline receptors in the central nervous system. It causes disorder the signaling system that leads to nerve cell stimulation. The result is a disorder of the nervous system that ultimately results in the death of insects. Thiacloprid has a very broad spectrum of action, it is effective against both sucking and  chewing mouth. But current applications focus only onn sucking: Brown plant hoppers, Thrips, Mealybugs, Aphids, Striped flea beetle. Thiacloprid kills insects by contact and acute by mouth.

Thiacloprid is absorbed and transportation in plants. It is good effective in severe weather conditions: intense sunshine, high temperatures, heavy rain.

Isoprocarb is an active ingredient specialized for sucking. The product has tangency effect and mouth, insects are knock down as soon as sticking the Isoprocarb. The mechanism of Isoprocarb is inhibit cholinesterase activity. Isoprocarb is specific: brown plant hopper, green leafhopper, Stink bug, Thrips, Aphids, Mealybug, Coccidae.


ZORKET 450WP AND 500WP is the perfect combination of 2 advanced active ingredients specialized for insectival sucking. Thiacloprid is been absorptive and circulatory in the tree that works effectively under extreme conditions: intense sunshine, high temperatures, heavy rain. Thiacloprid is taken to all parts of the tree, helping ZORKET to eliminate root-sucking species, hiding in trunks, flowers, and fruits. Thiacloprid helps ZORKET have a long effect, Thiacloprid helps ZORKET have a lasting effect, eradicating insects of the litter then hatching from eggs or insects coming from other places. Isoprocarb is the active ingredient that helps ZORKET  knock down the sucking target, so it is effective in quenching the outbreak of a pest.

The interaction between Thiacloprid and Isoprocarb gives ZORKET outstanding features: QUICK - STRONG - PERSISTENCE.

Currently, ZORKET 450WP AND 500WP have been officially licensed to pest control Brown plant hopper.




Technical using



Brown plant hopper

Pack 40g / 20 -25L water

Using 40-50 liter for 1000m2


But the most useful feature of ZORKET 450WP is the elimination of thrips, whitefly. They are vectors of plant viruses. We blend a special formula for ZORKET 450WP so that when it synergizes with SUPERCIN 50WP they become a standard formula to eliminate viruses in the plant's body. You are interested in anti-virus process, please read the information in the brochure SUPERCIN 50WP.


The drug is mixed with other pesticides, except those that are alkaline.

Pre-Harvest Interval: 7days.




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